Reema Kumari

Research Group Staff

Laboratory Technician and Coordinator​


Research Interest

Research interest keywords: epigenetics understanding, proteomics and exploring different molecular as well as genetic techniques.


Master’s in Biotechnology from Punjabi University Patiala, India.

Professional Profile

Reema completed her master's in Biotechnology. She then worked as a research fellow in plant molecular biology laboratory at CSIR- IHBT (Council of Scientific and industrial research – Institute of Himalayan bioresource technology) India, for about five years under the supervision of Dr. Sanjay Kumar. During this period, she has gained proficiency in many molecular biology techniques, proteomic techniques, gas exchange studies, genomic studies, biochemical and physiological studies as well as climate change studies in different medicinal plants. After that she worked as a research scholar at DAV University Jalandhar, India for one year. At present, she is working in Wolfgang Fischle’s lab and exploring different studies on C. elegans worms.