Congratulations Dr. Jorge Landgrave Gomez

13 October, 2022

The Fischle lab proudly announces the graduation of the PhD candidate at KAUST, Dr. Jorge Landgrave Gomez.

Jorge joined Fischle's lab in 2016 as a Ph.D. student in the Bioscience program. His doctoral work's overall objective was to explore the putative roles of metabolic enzymes in nuclear or chromatin-related processes. In particular, his research aimed to elucidate if acetyl-CoA carboxylase alpha (ACC1), the rate-limiting enzyme in fatty acid synthesis, was related to nuclear processes. His study found that the enzymatic activity of ACC1 modulates mitotic progression and ensures faithful chromosome segregation. Jorge's work proposes that the main product of ACC1 metabolic reaction, malonyl-CoA is a cellular signal that regulates mitotic events. Well done, Dr. Landgrave-Gomez!

After KAUST, he will join Prof. Eric Verdin's laboratory, director of the Buck Institute of Research of Aging in California. As a postdoc, he will keep exploring the role of malonyl-CoA in different cellular processes.