Moving on - Farewell Dr. Papita Mandal

31 January, 2021

It is with mixed feelings (sad to see her go and happy for her for the new position) that we say Goodbye to Dr. Papita Mandal, who is moving on to a new assignment at KAUST. Papita has worked with us for close to six years. She started in the lab at the MPI in Göttingen and then was one of the few key lab members who made the move to KAUST establishing the new lab. Papita worked tirelessly to decipher the regulatory secrets of the UHRF1 epigenetic factor and towards uncovering its mechanisms of regulation. With her determination towards science and her special sense of humor Papita has been a great asset to our team. We sure have learned a lot from her over time and also gained an appreciation of nerdy jokes. In addition to being a great colleague, Papita has become a friend to all of us. We wish her all the success for the future knowing that she will do well.