Welcome to the lab Kexin Niu.

07 February, 2021

Kexin received her bachelor degree of bioinformatics in SUSTech, China. Now, she has been accepted as a MS/PhD student in Bioscience. The coronavirus pandemic delayed the arrival of Kexin to KAUST but she has finally joined our lab after a semester of online classes.

“I studied in an immune group and majored in bioinformatics during undergraduate studies. I have a very positive attitude towards interdisciplinary studies. The very first project I was involved in was about uhrf1 and this opened the door of epigenetics for me. I was so attracted by the potential of epigenetics, which is related to many major concerns in the biology field. The reversibility of epigenetics makes it a perfect target for developing new treatments for diseases. I want to learn more about this area and be more involved in this field. I appreciate that I have this opportunity to study here.”